We'd been married for almost eleven years. Our union had produced two healthy, beautiful children. Our lives were filled with the routines most people flourish on. There had been some rocky times like most couples experience, but overall my husband and I were living unassuming lives. We never anticipated our world could change in a short amount of time, but on a cold winter night at the beginning of January 2011 it did. Suffering from pain in his groin, Eric was sent by our family physician to a hospital thirty minutes from our home to get an ultrasound. Our doctor suspected a contortion of the right testicle, and he acted quickly. Upon further investigation, Eric was found to have two masses contained in his right testicle. The preceding months would test our strength as a couple. It was hands down the darkest period of our lives to date. I chose to document what we went through in the hopes our experience can give comfort to those on a similar journey. The battle against Testicular Cancer was one my husband won, but it's a battle my family will never forget. From the beginning, I've emphasized Testicular Cancer is to men what Breast Cancer is to women. Because more women are affected by Breast Cancer every year, than men are affected by Testicular Cancer, this disease gets publicized with greater frequency. By revealing the everyday struggles we encountered, and the hardships Eric faced as a cancer patient, I hope to educate, enlighten, and bring attention to a disease that affects thousands of men all over the world. I can't emphasize enough to every man how important yearly check-ups are to maintaining his well-being. Pain is an indication something's wrong and should never be ignored. Testicular Cancer is a fast growing threat many men could catch in time if they just make sure to look for the warning signs. I want to thank in advance all those choosing to read our story. It's a personal one that wasn't always easy for me to write down, but by doing so I knew I might be able to inspire others to fight when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

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A Sojourn in Hell focuses on the tragic romance of a young woman. Losing the love of her life in combination with a dysfunctional upbringing help to shape the subsequent decisions she makes.

It's a multigenerational tale spanning almost eighty years. From the Great Depression through WWII and beyond, the reader is witness to the changes one woman’s life undergoes as she becomes a wife, mother, and grandmother as well as the trials and tribulations her own children end up going through. Alcoholism, untimely deaths, physical and mental abuse, adultery, and life-long regrets abound in this heartbreaking character study of human emotions.

A Sojourn in Hell was the first manuscript I wrote back in 2009. The greater part of last year I revised it to be a much deeper, thought-provoking read! I thoroughly believe no one's life is supposed to be happy all the time, but I don't believe anyone should use "crutches" such as alcohol to deal with sorrow or stress.

Unfortunately, there are millions of dysfunctional families all over the world that are headed by individuals dissatisfied by life for whatever reason. These individuals take out their frustrations on the children they chose to bring into the world. By examining one such situation, I hope readers will learn there are always ramifications when unhealthy behaviors and attitudes are involved. It creates baggage that will have to be hauled around for the rest of someone's life. 

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The Independent who’s casting her vote for Donald Trump

If someone would have told me six months ago that I’d be voting for Donald Trump should he get the Republican Nomination, I’d have told them they’re crazy and that it will never happen. I’d have said he’s an arrogant, loud-mouthed billionaire who can’t relate to the common man or woman. I’d have said he entered the race for president to acquire the ultimate power in the United States. I’d have scoffed at the idea that a businessman with no political background could possibly improve the things that are wrong with this country. So what has influenced this registered Independent voter, who was raised by a staunch Democratic father and former liberal-leaning mother, in the last six months to change my mind? I decided to educate myself, and I think these are the most important issues this election year. 

1.    We’ve endured eight years of a failed presidency that Hillary Clinton will continue to perpetuate if elected.
Liberals are pacifists who believe you can reason with the “crazies” of the world. We currently have a leader who traveled to Cuba (a communist country that has committed horrible atrocities against its citizens) so he could improve relations. He’s more interested in building a tourism industry than concentrating on the important issues our country faces every day. Will he insist Castro hand over Assata Olugbala Shakur, who was convicted of killing a New Jersey State trooper in the 1970’s, broke out of prison, and fled to Cuba in 1984? Yes, Cuba is harboring a cop killer for over thirty years! Of course not, because Obama hates the police which he has proven time after time. He sent representatives from the White House to the funeral of Michael Brown, but has he ever sent representatives to the funerals of police officers who’ve been killed in the line of duty? That would be a big NO. If anyone thinks Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would be any better, than just go back and watch any of the Democratic debates they’ve done and their hatred of the police is more than evident.

2.    Recent terrorist attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, Brussels, and throughout the world have me convinced that no Democrat will be able to control this situation, and keep American citizens safe.
The President, and Democrats in general, refuse to acknowledge the chaos and destruction Radical Islam continues to inflict on the world, because they don’t want to “offend” believers of Islam. First off, it’s not about religion. It’s about a political ideology that is hell bent on destroying western civilization. When it was learned reporter James Wright Foley was beheaded what did the president do? Yes, he condemned ISIS, but then he went golfing. Disgraceful. Obama wants to let millions of Syrian refugees into America. He claims it’s the humane thing to do. Well, I’m sure the French government wanted to be humane as well. What did it get them in return? ISIS members who posed as Syrian refugees flowed very easily into that country and killed 129 individuals and wounded 352 across the French capital. I want my country to be as secure as possible. Do I trust Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, or Kasich to do that? NO

3.    The illegal immigration problem in the United States is out of control.
There are twelve million illegal aliens in this country who utilize our school systems, our health facilities, and take jobs away from natural-born citizens and immigrants who’ve come here legally. The Democrats want to create a path to citizenship for these people, and give them free health care and other benefits beforehand, because they want their votes. They don’t care American taxpayers are paying through the nose for all these people. I believe it’s entirely reasonable to build a wall to keep them out as well as the drugs that continue to flow into American on a daily basis. My ancestors came here legally. They didn’t sneak into the country. I guarantee you if Americans sneak into Mexico that country would ship them back, not reward them.

4.    The continual flight of American businesses.
America has lost so many companies over the years because of corporate greed. These companies don’t care about the American people, but they do want us to buy their products. Relocating their businesses and hiring cheap labor allows them to make huge profits, but that isn’t the only benefit for them. If an American company buys a foreign company, essentially merging, they’re no longer subject to U.S. corporate taxes. They make their corporate headquarters at the address of the former, smaller foreign company. This practice is called tax inversion. Successful businessmen like Donald Trump understand all about it, and I believe him when he says he will put a stop to it and keep those companies from leaving America. If they do decide to leave, he will heavily tax them.

I could’ve written so much more, but I chose to keep it simple and highlight what I believe are the most pressing issues facing America. I didn’t write this to incite negativity in anyone reading it. That’s precisely why I won’t allow commenting. I also didn’t write it urging anyone to vote for Donald Trump. I think it’s up to every American citizen to educate themselves enough about the important issues facing our country that they can make the right decision when they step up to the ballot box.

I'll vote for Donald Trump, because I like his directness. He knows the problems that are most prevalent in this society. I believe he will surround himself with the best cabinet that can handle every issue from domestic to international. I’m honestly not bothered by his colorful language nor do I think he’s a saint, but he isn’t a religious nut like some who are fighting him within his own party. He also doesn’t have a potential indictment hanging over his head nor is he telling young adults in this society that he can promise them a free college education. Most rational people who’ve lived a long time know that’s not possible, because nothing is free.