Last April, I had an operation that changed my life but left me with scars. I found a product that I’ve been faithfully using since July and I’m happy to say my scars have faded significantly. I’m so pleased with the results that I thought I’d share some information about it. Most people don’t go through life without acquiring the embarrassing marks left over from an accident, a burn, or a surgical procedure. Scars can be the constant reminder of an unpleasant situation someone would rather forget.

Depending on their location on the body, scars can shake the self-esteem of even the most confident person. Scars can make an individual want to cover up even on hot days. For years, products to improve the appearance of scars were only available from medical professionals. Fortunately, times have changed and these same products can be purchased over-the-counter.

ScarAway professional grade silicone scar treatment sheets are the answer to more normal looking skin. They were first used by burn centers on victims and by plastic surgeons on their patients. When applied to freshly healed wounds, studies have shown ScarAway sheets have helped to flatten scars that would have been raised in addition to returning the skin to a more natural tone and texture.  Significant improvement on older keloid, contracture, and hypertrophic scars has also been well-documented.

These unique sheets are made from a patented material that’s breathable and flexible. They’re so comfortable to wear under clothing that individuals will actually forget they’re wearing them. The process of how they work to reduce scarring is ingenious. By imitating the natural blocking function of normal, undamaged skin, they increase hydration. This moisture works to soften scar tissue by breaking down excess collagen. Scar growth is diminished and the tissue fades away much quicker.

Available in a plethora of sizes, ScarAway sheets can be used anywhere on the body. They’re drug-free, so they’re safe for nursing moms to use on cesarean section sites. The self-adhesive sheets require no surgical tape to keep them in place and should be worn for a minimum of twelve hours a day. Washing the sheets daily with mild soap and water will keep the adhesive sticky. With proper care, a sheet can be reused for at least a week, maybe two. For optimum results, ScarAway sheets should be worn every day for twelve weeks. Some individuals will continue to see scar improvement the longer they wear the sheets.

Unfortunately, most scars won’t fade completely. Fortunately, using ScarAway professional grade silicone scar treatment sheets can significantly reduce a scar’s appearance. A short three-month commitment to wearing them can make it possible for an individual to regain the confidence he or she has lost. Everyone deserves to be able to show his or her best skin off without having to spend a fortune on expensive laser resurfacing procedures. It’s important to note that laser resurfacing offers no guarantee it will improve a scar’s appearance. In some cases, it might make a scar worse.

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