Flood by Augusta Trobaugh
Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing (March 6, 2013)

Rating: ★★★★★

When a hurricane touches down, parallels are drawn between one teenage girl’s desire to travel and a deceased relative’s past experience of never having traveled. It’s summertime again and a tiny town in Georgia doesn’t hold much interest for one of its residents. She sits every morning in her father’s drugstore reading comic books, and spends every afternoon sitting on her porch swing, but she’s a thirteen-year-old who dreams of going somewhere, anywhere.

A trip to a town south of Macon to attend her mother’s Aunt Minnie’s funeral doesn’t do much to quench her thirst for adventure, because it’s just another dead little town like the one she lives in. Ironically enough, Aunt Minnie was just like her and had never gotten to go anywhere. When her sister Becky is invited to spend a week in Panama City, Florida, she’s envious. When Becky returns, hair bleached out even blonder than before and sporting pink skin, she quizzes her sister about every aspect of her trip so she can pretend she’s the one who took it.

Flood by Augusta Trobaugh is a first person narrative of a teenager’s desire to go somewhere to escape the little town she lives in. When a hurricane settles over the area where Aunt Minnie used to live, dumping rain for many days, the consequences of the storm help her envision Aunt Minnie finally getting to travel. Many people young and old, who are in similar situations of wanting to change their lives, will relate to this story.

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