Jesus Is Already Here by Augusta Trobaugh

Publisher: Untreed Reads Publishing (February 7, 2013)

Rating: ★★★★

A rural Southern town in the 1960s sets the scene as a young boy ponders Jesus' racial background. It's the third Sunday of the month in August 1962, and two cousins are visiting their Nana's home. After Sunday services, the boys and their parents will be treated to a huge dinner. While dinner is being prepared, the boys and their fathers retreat to the front porch to try and cool off on the oppressively hot day.

The sound of music can be heard in the distance, and Uncle Jerome comments that it's a revival at the AME church which isn't a place frequented by white people. Jim whispers to his cousin, suggesting they check out the singing. After being given the okay by Jerome, both boys take off. Arriving at the church, they crouch down among the trees and listen to the parishioners. Soon, a question is posed that will provoke one cousin to turn his anger on the other.

Jesus is Already Here by Augusta Trobaugh tackles the subject of racial inequality in a very realistic and tactful way. This short story focuses more on how people perceive those of another race than on religion. How will neighbors react to the arrival of a black man spreading the word of God throughout their community? Will a little boy's perception be forever changed on that Sunday afternoon?

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