Making Christmas a Meaningful Time of Year

Every year millions of parents feel the need to overindulge their children at Christmastime. No matter how many times they say they’re cutting back on their spending, they end up buying lots of toys and trinkets their kids will barely play with. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to see your children’s faces light up on Christmas morning when they discover their presents under the tree, too many parents rely on buying things in the false belief it will make their children happy.

If you ask most children, they would say they love getting new toys, but even they realize that while the new toys are nice to play with, spending time with their family is what’s more important. Parents just assume because their kids are asking Santa for lots of material things, that’s what they should be focusing on. With this type of mindset, it’s no wonder the true meaning of Christmas is lost for so many people.

Instead of thinking about what they can and should buy this year, wouldn’t it be amazing if people took the time to focus on setting up new traditions their kids would look forward to each and every year? It doesn’t have to involve elaborate trips to exciting places. It can be as simple as setting aside a day to bake Christmas cookies or creating Christmas crafts to give as presents to their children’s teachers.  

A few different ideas for families to try are: Pick a day to decorate your entire house and assign each child a different task. Not only will all of you be spending time together, but the decorating will get done sooner. Since Christmas is about giving, as well as receiving, volunteer to serve dinner at a local homeless shelter. This teaches your children not everyone is fortunate enough to have a home during the holidays. To further educate them about the art of giving, organize a bake sale and buy presents for the homeless residents with the proceeds. This will help to instill in young minds the fact they should always be appreciative for what they have.

Christmastime is one of the most festive times of the year and a time to create memories everyone can look back on and cherish. By taking the focus off of the material aspect of the holiday, the real meaning of it will take precedence. No one’s saying to forgo buying presents. After all, exchanging gifts is a wonderful part of the whole experience. In choosing to buy less, parents will not only save money, but it will teach their children there is a limit to how many toys they should get.

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